Why Trees?

Trees have a powerful impact on air quality, climate change, energy conservation, water quality, economy, comfort, habitat, and public health.

Why Plant Trees?

Our urban forest is a precious resource. A healthy tree canopy provides cleaner air and cooler temperatures, replenishes groundwater, enhances public health, and creates vibrant, livable neighborhoods.

There are many reasons to plant a tree:

  • As our climate becomes hotter and drier, our urban forest will be even more valuable. Planting more trees now will ensure that our urban forest provides benefits for future generations.
  • Our existing tree canopy is aging and dying. It is our job to plant the next generation of trees.
  • Trees improve our air quality by removing pollutants.
  • A well placed tree can help you save energy (and money!) by shading your home.
  • Urban wildlife depends on the habitat our urban forest provides.
  • Trees improve our water quality, reduce flood risk, and recharge our groundwater supplies by capturing and filtering stormwater.
  • Planting trees in your community will provide many social, psychological, and community benefits including lower crime rates, reduced stress, and increased social cohesion.

Learn how to plant your tree properly and care for it during its important establishment years.

If you are a SMUD customer, you may be eligible to receive free trees through our Sacramento Shade Program.