People and landscapes that best exemplify outstanding accomplishments in tree planting, care and stewardship, as well as the overall importance of trees.

C.K. McClatchy Award

This year we are thrilled to present LeRoy Munsch with the C.K. McClatchy Award, LeRoy undeniably has a passion for parks that exemplifies the spirit of C.K. McClatchy. For more than 20 years, he has almost single-handedly planted over 1,000 trees around the Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District's six parks, contributing greatly to their beauty and usability. Many of the trees that LeRoy planted now stand large, majestic, and leafy where there was once only hot, open turf, providing much-needed shade, improved aesthetics, and habitat for local wildlife. LeRoy is truly a champion for our trees!

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Austin B. Carroll Award

Congratulations to our 2017 Austin B. Carroll Award winner the River Park Tree Canopy Project Committee! After observing many mature, two-story-tall trees the River Park community adored being removed due to age-related issues, leading to an overall decline of the neighborhood's tree canopy before their very eyes, a group of concerned neighbors banded together to tackle this alarming threat to our urban forest. Since 2015, the River Park Tree Canopy Project Committee (RPTCP) has partnered with the Sacramento Tree Foundation to replace trees through an annual neighborhood tree planting and educate the neighborhood and greater community about how to best care for their trees.

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Growing Greenprint Award

The City of Rancho Cordova has taken impressive steps towards improving its tree canopy over the past few years and we are happy to honor that work by presenting the City with the Growing Greenprint Award. The City of Rancho Cordova has always understood that trees are a community resource, and that growing trees on both public and private property is necessary. Over the past few years they have demonstrated that belief time and time again.

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Legacy Award

This year's Legacy Award goes to the large, regal bay tree in Fremont Park!

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Lorax Award

Those who knew Clarice Marie Luther will tell you she would "speak for the trees" on many occasions. In the 70 years she lived in East Sacramento, she planted and stewarded countless trees and plants, educated her neighborhood on tree care and the joys of gardening, and stood up to development that threatened the trees around her. We are honored to bestow her with the Lorax Award.

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Winter Tree Tips

After another hot summer, we are now facing winter storms. The precipitation is certainly welcome to our region, but harsh storms can damage our trees. Many trees stressed by recent drought have decaying or dead branches that could fall during a windy storm.

How can we protect our trees and ourselves during the stormy months? Now is the time to examine your trees and prune if needed! Take a walk outside and really inspect your forest. Look for broken, dead, or diseased branches that could be a hazard and need to be removed. Excessive amounts of fungal growth on a branch could also be a sign of decay. Or, you might have entire dead trees that need to come out for safety. Strong, well-maintained trees should weather the season just fine.

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Seeds for Sonoma County

A Cherry Tree Grove for Southside Park

2017 Save The Elms Program (STEP) Wrap-Up

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NeighborWoods Service Day

Rosemont Community Park

Saturday, May 5

As part of the Cordova Recreation and Park District's Service Day on May 5th, the Rosemont Community Association and Sacramento Tree Foundation will come to together to beautify Rosemont Community Park by planting 8 new shade trees near the entrance and around the playground. Learn more about NeighborWoods and how it can help you and your neighborhood directly.

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