People and landscapes that best exemplify outstanding accomplishments in tree planting, care and stewardship, as well as the overall importance of trees.

C.K. McClatchy Award

This year, we are thrilled to present Lee Ruth with the C.K. McClatchy Award! Along with coordinating the planting over 100 new trees throughout the community, Lee stepped up to water and care for many public trees during the drought years to ensure their survival. His commitment to stewardship inspires so many others in this region.

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Austin B. Carroll Award

Congratulations to our Austin B. Carroll Award winner, Clear Channel Outdoor! Planting a tree is a simple but powerful step to community activism and engagement. Over the past two years, Clear Channel Outdoor partnered with the Sacramento Tree Foundation and many community organizations to develop a shade tree beautification project along Highway 160.

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Growing Greenprint Award

The City of Sacramento Department of Public Works, Urban Forestry plays a vital role in protecting Sacramento’s urban forest through its monitoring initiatives,and for that reason, we are proud to present them with the 2018 Growing Greenprint Award.

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Legacy Award

The Legacy Award goes to the valley oaks at the Austin B. Carroll Grove at Natomas Oaks Park.!

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Lorax Award

Phil D’Asaro, Bruce Handley, and Joni Ramirez spent more than two years and countless hours documenting the story of Sacramento’s urban forest. We are proud to bestow the MADE IN THE SHADE FILM CREWwith the Lorax Award!

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Winter Tree Tips

After another hot summer, we are now facing winter storms. The precipitation is certainly welcome to our region, but harsh storms can damage our trees. Many trees stressed by recent drought have decaying or dead branches that could fall during a windy storm.

How can we protect our trees and ourselves during the stormy months? Now is the time to examine your trees and prune if needed! Take a walk outside and really inspect your forest. Look for broken, dead, or diseased branches that could be a hazard and need to be removed. Excessive amounts of fungal growth on a branch could also be a sign of decay. Or, you might have entire dead trees that need to come out for safety. Strong, well-maintained trees should weather the season just fine.

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Seeds for Sonoma County

A Cherry Tree Grove for Southside Park

2017 Save The Elms Program (STEP) Wrap-Up

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