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Chronicles of the Sacramento Elms

by Chris Fenstermaker, Volunteer and Guest Blogger

Sacramento, the City of Trees. Our streets canopied by that signature tree. The stately…“birch”? The stately…“poplar”? No, stately only comes to mind to describe the elm!

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Arbor Week festivities: Planting trees and building community

by Matt Buland

A huge thank you to our volunteers who came together from all over Sacramento to plant 100+ trees at Stone Creek and the Bear Hollow Reservoir in Rancho Cordova earlier this month! Catch the recap here. 

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Meet Jazmyn, our New Urban Ecology Intern

My name is Jazmyn and I am in my third year as an Environmental Studies student at Sacramento State University. 

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Welcome Katie, our new Volunteer Program Coordinator!

Hey there! My name is Katie Gerhart and I’m extremely humbled to call myself the Sacramento Tree Foundation’s new Volunteer Program Coordinator.

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Welcome Crystal, our new Community Forester!

By Crystal Sewell

Hey there! My name is Crystal and I couldn't be more excited to start this new chapter with the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

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Barking Up the Right Tree: A Doggone Good Time!

By Matthew Van Donsel, Community Engagement Manager

Thanks to the Sacramento Tree Foundation, SMUD, The Growing Company, and all our community volunteers, the Sacramento SPCA now has a beautiful, shady place to walk the dogs they're sheltering. Building it was a blast too!

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South Sacramento Mulching Madness

By James Saetern, NeighborWoods Coordinator

We recently had two events in South Sacramento: one at Pollock Ranch Park on August 19thand the other at Nielsen Park on August 26th. With great volunteer turnouts at both events, we were able to mulch about 130 trees. We also removed trash from the parks, including candy wrappers, water bottles and even a motorcycle battery.

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Welcome James, our new South Sacramento NeighborWoods Coordinator!

By James Saetern

As a South Sacramento resident, this position was a perfect fit for me when I was looking to leave government service and return back the non-profit world. I have been a South Sacramento resident for over 25 years and consider myself a native.

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Welcome Meghan & Evan, our new Urban Ecology Interns!

By Meghan Kennedy & Evan Ruggles

Meet our newest Urban Ecology Interns and learn more about what inspired them to grow and protect our urban forest with the Sacramento Tree Foundation

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Welcome Holly, our new Administrative Assistant!

By Holly Healy

Trees have always been a wonder to me. I can vividly remember laying beneath the shade of my favorite tree in a grassy park in the Bay Area and looking up at the branches and leaves swaying in the breeze. I remember thinking that this tree had a past. I would day-dream about the history it might have seen. Was it around when jazz was in full swing in the 1920's? Or, was it even around when Lewis and Clark undertook their expeditions?

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